Inquiries & Disquisitions

Fragmentry observations on lands far from home

I'm a 40-ish software developer and municipal finance consultant.

Politically, I'm a liberal-to-moderate Democrat. I tend towards libertarianism in most matters of personal conduct and towards traditional "social-safety-net liberalism" on economic questions. I'm against squandering resources and gross mismanagement of the treasury, a position which -- for reasons now purely historical -- is referred to as "fiscal conservatism." It has no discernable connection with any flavor of "conservatism" currently extant in the United States.

Spiritually, I'm an atheist (technically, an agnostic with negative presumption) with a literary fondness for classical Mediterranean polytheism.

Artistically, I am a near total waste of space. Sigh.

Intellectually, I seem to be a child of the Enlightenment, and the 18th Century feels like home.